Aircraft Carrier 3D Now in Theaters

Aircraft Carrier 3D Now in Theaters

[ Updated: Oct 3, 2016  |  Originally published: April 30, 2015.]

The Film

Aircraft Carrier 3D is now in theaters. Aircraft Carrier 3D focuses on the world of naval power and the astounding activity and air operations aboard a giant Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. The film presents the true scale, and drama of carrier and fleet naval operations to giant screen audiences for the first time. A vast RIMPAC training exercise provides the context for Aircraft Carrier. Audiences find themselves aboard a carrier alongside 6,000 highly skilled sea and air personnel in the midst of a giant war simulation. With the participation of 22 allied nations and more than 50 ships and submarines, 200 aircraft and 25,000 military personnel, a RIMPAC exercise is an astounding experience. Aircraft Carrier puts audiences in the center of the action.

About the Project

Aircraft Carrier is directed by Stephen Low and produced by K2 Communications and Giant Screen Films. Principal photography for the project began with extensive coverage of the massive Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise in July 2014 and continued through 2016.

The film incorporates unprecedented aerial scenes captured by the production crew on and around the SS Ronald Reagan, a US Navy Nimitz-class super carrier, during exercises 100 miles off the coast of southern California. The onboard crew captured 3D scenes of intense flight activities including night launches and landings as well as POV shots from the cockpit of F-18 Super Hornet fighter jets in flight.

Members of the crew of carrier SS Ronald Reagan and the aerial photography team for Seapower pose on deck.

Members of the crew of carrier SS Ronald Reagan and the aerial photography team for Seapower pose on deck during refuelling of the Spacecam-equipped helicopter. The team were filming over a hundred miles out to sea and needed to land on the carrier both for fuel and to reload film every three min of camera running time. In purple are fuelers. In yellow is a ‘shooter’ tasked to launch and recover aircraft from the flight deck… Including the production chopper.


Protecting and defending the world’s oceans has become exceedingly complex and challenging in the 21st century. Naval aviation is vital to patrolling the seas and being able to intervene in critical situations across the globe. As described by its organizers, the RIMPAC exercise is a training event geared to fostering and sustaining cooperative relationships critical to ensuring the safety of sea lanes and security on the world’s oceans. At the heart of RIMPAC and its naval and air operations is a giant Nimitz-class aircraft carrier—a high-technology air platform and floating city of remarkable capability.

About the Carrier. The SS Ronald Reagan sailed on her maiden voyage in July 2003. Currently based out of homeport San Diego, the carrier serves the Seventh Fleet headquartered at U.S. Fleet Activities Yokosuka, in Yokosuka, Japan—part of the United States Pacific Fleet. Nuclear-powered, the carrier has an unlimited range and houses a ship’s company of 3,200 along with an air wing of some 2,480 personnel and some 90 aircraft (fixed wing and helicopters).

Rocky Mountain Express on Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray Disc

Rocky Mountain Express on Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray Disc

[Updated: Oct 2, 2016  |  Originally published: Jan 7, 2016.]

Blu-ray Release Update

As of July 12, 2016, Rocky Mountain Express is available in Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray editions from local and online retailers. Check out the reviews and where to buy below.


“It’s terrific.” “It’s one of my favorite IMAX films to date.”—Bill Hunt, The Digital Bits
The review at:

“This is one of the most gorgeous renderings of early man-made achievements and nature. This is an unforgettable visual experience and an absolute reference-quality presentation that every home theatre enthusiast should own.” 5/5 —Gary Reber.
The review at:

“Wow.” “This 4K UHD / Blu-ray presentation crushes it in terms of visuals and audio presentation. You’ll want to see and just take this whole thing in.”—Brandon Peters,
The review at:

“Filled with marvelous images of steam locomotives riding a treacherous track in the Canadian Rockies, this IMAX presentation ranks among the large format elite. Rocky Mountain Express is a vista-drenched tourist ride much as it is historical saga.” 4.3 stars.—Matt Paprocki, DoBlu
The review at:

“Breathtaking.” “Rocky Mountain Express is wonderful trip down memory lane with some of the most incredible landscape photography you’ll ever see.”—Bill Kelley III, High-def Watch producer
The review at:

“It has only been four days since I watched Rocky Mountain Express, and I am already itching to revisit this lovely documentary.” “Shot in 15 perforation/70 mm film, its aerial footage captured from helicopters and gyro-stabilized camera mounts, Rocky Mountain Express works as both a compelling educational document and a dazzling picturesque journey across the Great White North’s countryside. Far from a dry history lesson, the film brings a visual lyricism to its images, complemented by an eclectic music score—blues, spare piano melodies—and stirring soundtrack cues.”—Dustin Putman,
The review at:

“A beautiful and interesting documentary on the building of a railroad, this IMAX feature looks great in 4K UHD”—John Sinnott, DVD Talk
The review at:

“Gorgeous cinematography is beautifully recreated in 4k”—Robert Harris,
The review at:

4 stars.
The review at:

Where to Buy

Check online for stock and pricing. Some sources include: [Blu-ray edition and 4K UHD & Blu-Ray editions] [Blu-ray edition and 4K UHD & Blu-Ray edition] [Blu-ray edition] [4K UHD & Blu-Ray]


Original Post

The Stephen Low Company is pleased to announce an agreement with media company Shout Factory that will see the Stephen Low film “Rocky Mountain Express” released on Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray HD disc later this year.

Shout Factory, a multi-platform media company, has just unveiled its first slate of new family-friendly movie releases in the 4K Ultra HD™ format with high dynamic range (HDR), that will deliver visually stunning picture clarity and immersive audio for the optimal home entertainment experience. The discs are expected to be released beginning in late spring/early summer 2016 with pricing to be announced.

The IMAX® Experience Rocky Mountain Express is filmed in full 15/70 negative—world’s largest film format-guaranteeing spectacular image fidelity in the 4K Ultra HD medium. Together with its authentic story and award-winning cinematography, the film promises to be a highlight of the new medium.

“As the Ultra HD devices and entertainment content begin to populate the consumer marketplace this year, we are announcing our commitment to the UHD format joining industry leaders and major consumer electronics companies,” stated Melissa Boag, Shout’s Senior Vice President of Kids & Family Entertainment. “We look forward to presenting these awe-inspiring movies to a broad audience in the UHD format around the same timeframe that the traditional Blu-ray™ edition hits national retail.” Shout Factory plans a strategic staggered launch of these movies in 4K Ultra HD with HDR through physical home entertainment releases and select digital entertainment distribution platforms in North America, beginning in late spring/early summer 2016. A specific date for the release of Rocky Mountain Express will be announced.

About Shout! Factory
For more on Shout! Factory, visit

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Filmmaker Colin Low, Dead at 89

Filmmaker Colin Low, Dead at 89

Colin Low passed away in hospital after a brief illness on February 24, 2016. Cowboy, artist, storyteller and pioneering Canadian filmmaker; director, animator, producer, mentor and collaborator at the National Film Board of Canada… and so much more, Colin is survived by his wife Eugénie St. Germain and sons Ben, Stephen (Shaune) and Alexander (Kate) and grandchildren Meghan, Léandre, Shannon and Laura.

A memorial service in remembrance and celebration of Colin’s life will be held Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 2:00pm at the Unitarian Church of Montreal, 5035 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O, Montréal, QC. To be followed by a reception. As an expression of sympathy in lieu of flowers, a donation to a charity of your choice is appropriate. Funeral arrangements entrusted to Voluntas (, 514-695-7979).


Colin Low, aged 88

Colin Low, July 24, 1926 – February 24, 2016

Rocky Mountain Express at LG IMAX in Sydney

Rocky Mountain Express at LG IMAX in Sydney

Rocky Mountain Express will run at the LG IMAX Theatre in Sydney, Australia -– February 2016 to September 1, 2016.

Check the listing for showtimes:

LG IMAX Theatre, Sydney, Australia

LG IMAX Theatre, Sydney, Australia

Check other theater listings for Rocky Mountain Express here:…/where-to-see-it/


Interview with the director:


Rocky Mountain Express at the World Golf Hall of Fame

Rocky Mountain Express at the World Golf Hall of Fame

Rocky Mountain Express will run at the World Golf Hall of Fame and IMAX Theater in St. Augustine, FL. between November 6, 2015 and November 5, 2016.
Check the local listing for showtimes:

Check other theater listings here:…/where-to-see-it/

Leading the Laser Charge

Leading the Laser Charge

[ Updated September 1, 2015  |  Originally published August 29, 2015 ]

Rocky Mountain Express has been released for IMAX® with Laser—the groundbreaking laser projection system now being installed in select IMAX theaters.

The award-winning IMAX Experience will be featured in flagship installations of the new IMAX with Laser system in museum environments, including the Pacific Science Center in Seattle WA, IMAX Victoria inside the Royal BC Museum in Victoria BC, as well as TELUS World of Science — Edmonton, in Alberta. The Pacific Science Center will feature Rocky Mountain Express beginning late November 2015 and IMAX Victoria is slated to re-launch the film in 2016. TELUS World of Science—Edmonton will exhibit the laser edition of the film beginning October 14th, 2015.


Rocky Mountain Express

Filmed in the 15 perforation-70mm motion picture format, and first released in 2011, Rocky Mountain Express propels audiences on kinetic and emotive steam train journey through the Canadian Rockies and relates the epic story of the building of the first transcontinental railway. Featuring stunning aerial and locomotive footage, the film offers a unique showcase for the new IMAX with Laser technology.

IMAX with Laser

IMAX with Laser has been described as a re-imagination of the movie-going experience. Designed at the first permanent IMAX theater (Cinesphere at Ontario Place), the new 3D-capable laser-driven system is some 60% brighter in output than existing systems and features a significantly larger colour gamut, as well as the capacity to project at an aspect of 1.43:1, consistent with the tall format used by existing IMAX film capture and projection technology. IMAX with laser features two 4K projectors running simultaneously with sub-pixel alignment in both 2D and 3D to deliver a perceived resolution greater than 4K. Sharper and brighter images, darker blacks and an overall heightened level of realism are hallmarks of the new system. For 3D presentation, re-designed 3D glasses take advantage of the purity of laser light to eliminate residual light ghosting inherent in traditional 3D projection technologies. The sound system for IMAX with Laser includes 6 additional channels with a sub-bass, speakers now in the ceiling, as well as additional side wall speakers. The new system is linked to an IMAX network operations center, enabling around-the-clock monitoring of system components.


The Pacific Science Center in Seattle installed IMAX with Laser in April. IMAX Victoria in Victoria BC will offer IMAX with Laser beginning March, 2016. The Cineplex ScotiaBank Theatre in Toronto was the first theatre to debut IMAX with laser while the TCL Chinese Theatre was the first in the U.S. to debut the technology. IMAX has signed more than 71 laser deals around the world including the most prestigious and iconic commercial theatres, museums and science centers such as the Empire Leicester Square in London; AMC’s Lincoln Square in New York City, Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles, and Metreon in San Francisco; Darling Harbour in Sydney; CineStar IMAX Sony Center Berlin at Potsdamer Platz; the Smithsonian’s 3 IMAX theatres and; TELUS World of Science–Edmonton, where Western Canada’s first IMAX Laser will debut in October.


“Laser Locomotive Absolutely Stunning

“The Road to Rocky Mountain Express” [April 24, 2015]

Rocky Mountain Express page

Where to See Rocky Mountain Express

Poster for Rocky Mountain Express, an IMAX Experience.

Titles to Showcase 4K Television

Titles to Showcase 4K Television

Select titles from The Stephen Low Company will be available for ultra high definition (4K) home viewing via Comcast and the the Xi4, an X1 Entertainment Operating System® set-top box. The selection of titles includes the award-winning films Rocky Mountain Express, The Ultimate Wave Tahiti and Fighter Pilot, among other IMAX and giant screen titles licensed through K2 Communications and Havoc TV. The titles will be available to Comcast Xfinity TV subscribers in the U.S. equipped with UHD TVs and the new X1 set-top box, the Xi4.

Captured for premium presentation on giant IMAX® screens, productions from The Stephen Low Company represent the highest standards of media quality and are regularly used to showcase the capabilities of advanced ultra-high definition, 3D and surround-sound technologies, including  television, projection and home theatre systems.


Comcast announcement

An Interview with the Director

An Interview with the Director

Filmmaker Stephen Low was interviewed by the pop culture site for the opening of Rocky Mountain Express at the IMAX Melbourne Museum (Melbourne, Australia). “The scenery and the photography in this film is jaw-dropping!” notes interviewer Katherine Back of Pop Culture-Y. “Was trying to capture the Canadian landscape a part of what prompted you to make the documentary?”  Check out the interview here:


Rocky Mountain Express Official Film Site

To see Rocky Mountain Express in Melbourne, Australia:
IMAX Melbourne Museum – March 26th, 2015 to March 26th, 2016
Check with the theater for exact dates and showtimes.

Other locations:
Where to see it (exhibitor locations and dates)

Regent Theatre Canada Day Presentation

Regent Theatre Canada Day Presentation

By Special Arrangement. We’re pleased to announce that Rocky Mountain Express will be presented in celebration of Canada Day 2015 and the MacDonald Bicentenary at the historic Regent Theatre in Picton, Ontario—July 1, 2015. Come celebrate!

For details and showtimes, visit The Regent Theatre.

Rocky Mountain Express relates the story of the building of Canada’s first transcontinental railway, an effort championed by Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald.

theater-logo-the-regentThe historic Regent Theatre is located on Main Street in Picton, Ontario (Prince Edward County). Designed in the style of an Edwardian opera house, The Regent Theatre first opened its doors in 1922. Since 1994, the theater has been operated by The Regent Theatre Foundation, a community based, not-for-profit organization. For more information, see: about The Regent.