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In the Works

Find out more about our current projects—in production, or recently released.


William Walker Reeve, 1952-2018

William Walker Reeve, 1952-2018

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of our long time friend and production collaborator, Bill Reeve. A cinematographer, stereographer Bill passed away on Tuesday May 22nd after a battle with cancer. Bill brought together a fascination...

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A Bit More About Stephen

STEPHEN LOW IS RECOGNIZED by audiences and peers as one of the world’s foremost large format filmmakers. His creative vision, storytelling ability and commitment to cinematic innovation, together with his persistence on complex and large-scale...

Adventures in Production

 A series of articles on our site explores the adventure of making giant screen films, beginning with “The Road to Rocky Mountain Express.”

The Road to Rocky Mountain Express

IT WASN’T MADE IN A DAY. The award-winning giant screen film Rocky Mountain Express is a culmination of filmmaker Stephen Low’s remarkable 30-year career shaping films for the giant screen.

Getting to the Action

One of the top challenges of giant screen filmmaking is getting the camera (and audience) to where the action is, or sometimes, getting the action to where the camera is.

The Big Project

The Right Balance. Most of our projects are substantial in budget and logistical scale—driven by the reality that the giant screen is a very demanding medium. Audiences expect to see things they couldn't otherwise see and they expect to see...