Lighting up Cities Around the Globe 

The giant screen offers audiences around the globe an immersive, ultra high-fidelity visual and sound experience. Globally there are several thousand theaters equipped with IMAX or other giant screen presentation technology, including multiplex theaters, stand-alone theaters and institutional (museum) theaters.

The Museum Market. IMAX® and other Giant screen theaters located in leading museums and science centers, aquaria and cultural centers, offer documentary programming geared to learning and the enhancement of community. Located in major markets around the world, these institutions constitute a global network and a key exhibition environment for our productions.

Equipped with the world’s leading giant screen cinema technologies and offering either flat screen, 3D or dome screen systems, these locations offer a premium audience experience—picture, sound, theater design and content woven together to create a spectacular motion-picture event for audiences of all ages.

Our Connection. The Stephen Low Company is a driving force in the evolution of this remarkable cinema medium. For more than three decades our team has worked to create the best experiences possible for museums around the world.

Along the way, we have helped shape innovative tools, techniques and stories that have become part of the museum repertoire and the global landscape of public learning.

A Global Network

A High-Impact Experience

Leading Discovery. Top museums, science centers, cultural centers and aquaria are community institutions that have invested millions to deliver the highest quality educational opportunities for their publics, including collections, exhibitry and the finest motion picture projection technologies.

Committed to informal life-long learning, these institutions curate unique offerings that immerse visitors, challenge minds, create opportunities for personal and intellectual discovery, transform lives and build knowledge and community.

In these leading institutions giant screen exhibition represents a cornerstone of the visitor experience; bringing alive and into relief,  the grands themes and stories of science, nature, history, and civilization. At The Stephen Low Company we are proud to be a part of this special engagement in public learning.

IMAX® Technology

Established in leading museums and science centers worldwide, IMAX® is the platinum standard for cinema presentation.

IMAX® technology grew out of novel multiscreen presentations developed for Montreal’s Expo 67. The installation of a ground-breaking 15/70 rolling loop film projection system for Expo 70 in Osaka, Japan heralded a new-age in cinema.
IMAX® has continued to evolve as the world’s leading cinema system, introducing cameras, 3D technology and super high-fidelity digital projection systems and advances in cinema sound.