It Changes You

The giant screen—it changes you.

The giant screen offers a frameless window on worlds beyond our every day experience—learning becomes adventure.

With an extremely wide field of view, the audience’s peripheral vision is enveloped by moving image; the viewer’s perspective shifts—the screen becomes the world.

Big is Big. On a giant screen, the big things of this world can be seen, virtually as they are: VERY LARGE.

Small is clear. The smallest of things can be rendered visible and with extraordinary clarity and detail.

The unseen can be visualized as never before.

Time and space become elastic.

We can travel into nature’s hidden corners.

…we can swim into the abyssal depths and discover nature’s intricate marvels and the impossible possibilities of life.

We can step through a window into yesterday.

Or, we can thunder back in time.

Blast skyward.

Or maybe reinvent the future.

The giant screen is not only big, it’s everywhere. Explore the Network. >

A powerful experience. The giant screen offers audiences around the globe an immersive, ultra high-fidelity visual and sound experience.

A vital learning tool. The giant screen offers opportunities for discovering across the themes of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, history and the arts. 

Wide reach. Reaching families, individuals and school groups, it is a vital part of life-long learning in communities around the planet.

The Biggest Stories Ever Told. The Stephen Low Company is a driving force in the evolution of this remarkable cinema format, a team innovating, capturing and shaping stories that leverage the enormous potential of this medium.

The world’s leading cinema technologies. Picture, sound, theater design and content woven together to create a spectacular motion-picture event.
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