Rescue 3D

2011 / Released in IMAX 3D


Rescue plunges audiences into the hard, but inspiring work of saving lives in the face of a natural disaster. Behind the scenes, the film follows a Canadian naval commander, two pilots, and a volunteer rescue technician as they train for action. As Rescue opens we are introduced to the film’s featured personalities and are thrust into some of their remarkable training, at sea, in the air and on the ground, discovering something of their backgrounds, pastimes and motivations. When an earthquake strikes Haiti, creating one of the biggest humanitarian disasters of the century, the audience is swept along, joining with the massive effort that brings military and civilian responders and hardware from around the world. Rescue is a journey of real-world disaster and emergency response captured (in 3D) with unprecedented scale and impact for the giant screen.

About the Film

  • Released: 2011
  • Produced by: The Stephen Low Company
  • Distributed by: K2 Communications and The Stephen Low Company
  • Length: 45-min.
  • Formats: 15/70, Digital 2K/4K
  • Availability: 3D / 2D

The Making of Rescue 3D

See how the film was made: “The Making of Rescue 3D [Article].


  • Written and Directed by: Stephen Low
  • Produced by: Alexander Low, Stephen Low, Pietro L. Serapiglia
  • Executive Producers: Robert Kresser, Jan Baird Associate
  • Associate Producers: James Lahti, Charles Brown
  • Line Producer: Michel Chauvin
  • Exec in Charge of Production: Dougal Boone Caron
  • Editor: James Lahti
  • Director of Photography: Mark Poirier
  • Original Music by Michel Cusson
  • Aerial Photography: Ralph Mendoza
  • Sound Design: Peter Thillaye
  • Post-Production Manager: Jill Kasian

“In tribute to the men and women in military and volunteer organizations around the world who come to the aid of those in need wherever disaster may strike” –Boeing

Produced with the support of: Canadian Forces Maritime Command

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First Prize, Current Affairs—Rescue; 22nd International Military Film Festival, Bracciano, Italy, 2012


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