Big Stories. Big Images. Elegant filmmaking.

We make the IMAX® Experience,

shaping documentary stories using the world’s leading motion picture technology.

High impact storytelling is what our work is all about.

Adventure. Investigation. Discovery. Action.

We collaborate, capture, innovate, reach and impact.


with leading museums and science centers, universities, governments and major corporations.


the magic of nature, discoveries of science, the drama of action sports, the power of technology.


to push the boundaries of cinema and deliver immersive 3D, groundbreaking science and jaw-dropping spectacle.


millions of viewers in markets worldwide via giant screen theaters, broadcast, internet and home video.


global audiences via the power of story, the rendering of authentic science and history and the delivery of unparalleled visual spectacle.

In Production

Current Productions

Follow along with our latest projects. Our “In Production” section provides the most current available details on projects underway.

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Secrets of the Universe 3D

Update: August 27, 2015. The Secrets of the Universe crowd-funding campaign is now underway. Visit the crowdfunding page on Indiegogo to learn more about this unique giant screen science venture. Support the project and get a reward!

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Train Time Starts Production

Production Update:August 27, 2015. Production for Train Time was initiated this week with 6 days of aerial filming along railways operated by BNSF in the west (July 16-21).

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The Trolley in Production

Now in production, The Trolley will propel audiences on an electrifying journey through great cities across the globe to tell the story of a remarkable invention and its impact on civilization.

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Carrier 3D Underway

Production Update: August 27,  2015. In July, director and crew completed 4 days of filming on and around the SS Ronald Reagan, a US Navy Nimitz-class super carrier, during exercises 100 miles off the coast of southern California.

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Adventures in Production

 A series of articles on our site explores the adventure of making giant screen films, beginning with “The Road to Rocky Mountain Express.”

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Titles to Showcase 4K Television

Select titles from The Stephen Low Company will be available for ultra high definition (4K) home viewing via Comcast and the the Xi4, an X1 Entertainment Operating System® set-top box. The selection of titles includes the award-winning films Rocky Mountain... read more

An Interview with the Director

Filmmaker Stephen Low was interviewed by the pop culture site for the opening of Rocky Mountain Express at the IMAX Melbourne Museum (Melbourne, Australia). “The scenery and the photography in this film is... read more

Regent Theatre Canada Day Presentation

By Special Arrangement. We’re pleased to announce that Rocky Mountain Express will be presented in celebration of Canada Day 2015 and the MacDonald Bicentenary at the historic Regent Theatre in Picton, Ontario—July 1, 2015. Come celebrate! For details and... read more

Jakarta Opens Volcanoes of the Deep Sea

The Stephen Low film Volcanoes of the Deep Sea will be exhibited at the Keong Emas IMAX Theatre in Jakarta, Indonesia from June 15th, 2015 through June 14th, 2016. Premiered in 2003, the groundbreaking giant screen film presented the first extensively lit and filmed... read more

Laser Locomotive “Absolutely Stunning”

Laser projection has entered the giant screen market with a woosh and a blast of steam. “IMAX with laser” was demonstrated at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA earlier this month using scenes from the Stephen Low film Rocky Mountain Express as well... read more

Rocky Mountain Express Spans the Globe

The film that brought the steam age back to life continues to fire the imagination of audiences around the world. Rocky Mountain Express will now soon be transporting giant screen audiences in Paris, Singapore and Melbourne (dates below). Rocky Mountain Express... read more

The Red Rocket Celebrates Shared Transit

Now on screen, The Red Rocket propels audiences on an eye-popping 14-minute electric trolley journey through the vibrant, pulsing heart of Metropolitain Toronto. The short film celebrates the enduring magic of the streetcars that have served citizens and shaped the... read more


A Bit About Stephen

A Bit About Stephen

STEPHEN LOW IS RECOGNIZED by audiences and peers as one of the world’s foremost large format filmmakers. His creative vision, storytelling ability and commitment to cinematic innovation, together with his persistence on complex and large-scale projects, have yielded an extraordinary body of work enjoyed by audiences around the world.

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The Road to Rocky Mountain Express

The Road to Rocky Mountain Express

IT WASN’T MADE IN A DAY. The award-winning giant screen film Rocky Mountain Express is a culmination of filmmaker Stephen Low’s remarkable 30-year career shaping films for the giant screen. Kindled in childhood, Low’s love of high-fidelity cinema and his... read more