The Defender

1985 / 16mm NFB release


The Defender follows the adventures of a modern-day folk hero, Bob Demert of Carman, Manitoba. Demert dreams of building the world’s next great fighter plane. He leverages his world wide reputation for authentic restoration of “warbirds” to finance his ambitious new venture.

About the Film

Nationally televised, The Defender has won awards at numerous festivals, including ‘Best Production’ and the Golden Sheaf ‘Best Director,’ Award at the 1989 Yorkton Film Festival and the ‘Superchannel Award’ at the same festival. ‘The film was nominated for two Genie Awards in 1990 (Best Direction, Documentary, and Best Writing, Documentary).

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Release date: 1988
Duration: 54 min. 54 sec.
Format: 16mm
Produced by: National Film Board of Canada
Distributed by: National Film Board of Canada (

Stephen Low
Director / Writer

Michael Scott / Ches Yetman / Charles Konowal

Alfonso Peccia

Cedric Smith

Eldon Rathburn