The Stephen Low film Volcanoes of the Deep Sea will be exhibited at the Keong Emas IMAX Theatre in Jakarta, Indonesia from June 15th, 2015 through June 14th, 2016. Premiered in 2003, the groundbreaking giant screen film presented the first extensively lit and filmed scenes of life thriving on hydrothermal vents in the deep Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

theater-jakarta-keong-emasOpened in 1984, the Keong Emas (“Golden Snail”) IMAX theatre in Jakarta is among the largest IMAX theatres in the world with a screen dimension of 21,5 metres high x 29,3m metres wide. The iconic theater, shaped like a shell, draws its architectural design inspiration from an historic Javanese story about a beautiful princess (Dewi Sekartaji) who is magically transformed and kept in a golden snail shell.

Keong Emas IMAX Theatre

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