The Experience

A Global Network

A High-Impact Experience

The giant screen offers audiences around the globe an immersive, ultra high-fidelity visual and sound experience.
A global network of theaters located in the world’s leading museums, science centers and specialty venues.
The world’s leading cinema technologies. Picture, sound, theater design and content woven together to create a spectacular motion-picture event.
The Stephen Low Company is a driving force in the evolution of this remarkable cinema format.

 IMAX® Technology

Established in leading museums and science centers worldwide, IMAX® is the platinum standard for cinema presentation.
IMAX® technology grew out of novel multiscreen presentations developed for Montreal’s Expo 67. The installation of a ground-breaking 15/70 rolling loop film projection system for Expo 70 in Osaka, Japan heralded a new-age in cinema.
IMAX® has continued to evolve as the world’s leading cinema system, introducing cameras, 3D technology and super high-fidelity digital projection systems and advances in cinema sound.

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