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Pegasus and the Dragon

The Film

Abandoned centuries ago by fleeing Norse settlers, a small handful of domesticated horses survived the glacial cold and fiery volcanism of Iceland. Like ghosts they roamed the barren lands—they foraged and endured through the worst winters the land had ever known. Across the centuries, the few grew into a great herd, strong and wild.

Through the eyes of one young horse we rediscover the lost herd, their wilderness home and their battle for survival. With horse and herd we follow the seasons of a land battered by ocean and turbulent sky; a land explosive with the energy of a molten earth. Myth and reality collide in this story of equine survival against all odds.


They were once our closest companions—powerful allies with the strength of many men. Strong, fast as the wind and sure of foot, they plowed fields with farmers and galloped into the fray when battle called. Their strength built civilizations. The Ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Norse and others celebrated their power and fidelity in myth and elevated them to godlike stature. The most exalted equine spirit heroes were blessed with wings and traced among the stars.

Project Status

Pegasus and the Dragon is a project in development for giant screen theater exhibition. The film is slated for production in late 2017 with release in 2018.

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