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titanica / About the film

In Titanica, the story of survivor Eva Hart and her family unfolds in counterpoint to a major international deep sea expedition to the wreck. To capture the wreck site of the Titanic on film, the production team developed a unique deep-sea HMI lighting system and integrated it into the Russian Mir submersibles. This was the first time that so much light had been taken into the abyss. Titanica became an inspiration for other filmmaking enterprises to follow. Filmed entirely in the giant screen 15/70 format, Titanica delivered images of the deep and of the great ship that remain unsurpassed in their clarity and fidelity.

Release date: 1992
Duration: 40min & 95min versions
Format: 15/70
Produced by: Low Films International / The Stephen Low Company
Produced for: Undersea Imaging International Ltd. (IMAX Corporation affiliate) and Imax Corporation in collaboration with P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology and Undersea Research Ltd.
Distributed by: IMAX Corporation
For licensing availability, contact: IMAX Corporation
Available on DVD in stores and online.

Stephen Low

Stephen Low / Pietro Serapiglia

Andre Picard / Dr. Joseph MacInnis
Executive producers

Andrew Kitzanuk
Director of Surface Photography

Paul Mockler
Submersible Camera Operator

Bill Reeve
IMAX Camera Specialist

Gordon Harris
Deep Sea Camera Support

Christopher Nicholson
Lighting Engineer

James Lahti